Major, Minors, and Degrees

Double Major and Dual Degree Forms

A double major allows students to complete majors in two different departments or plans in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. To declare a double major, students must complete a Double Major Declaration Form and follow these additional instructions.

An additional degree allows students to complete majors in two different schools or colleges. To declare a dual degree, students must acquire an Additional Degree Petition Form from the Registrar's Office and follow these additional instructions.

View the full requirements for double majors and dual degrees.

Major Declaration and Major Change Form

Students at the Storrs and regional campuses can declare or change their major online at the Program Plan Change (PPC) website. This system allows you to:

  • Change from one CLAS major to a different CLAS major
  • Change from another UConn school or college into most majors within CLAS
  • Declare most minors

Students who wish to change their major should also meet with their major advisor to develop a preliminary plan of study.

Non-Degree Application

Non-Degree Study allows individuals who have not been formally accepted into degree-seeking status at the University of Connecticut to take undergraduate or graduate-level credit courses. Classes are offered days, evenings, and weekends at our five campuses and online.

Apply for visiting/non-degree course registration.

Courses and Credits

Excess Credit Request

All students, including first-year students, are permitted to take up to 17 credits per semester (fall and spring). Students who received a semester GPA of 2.6 or higher in their most recent semester (fall or spring) are eligible to enroll in up to 18 credits.

Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who have received a 2.6 semester GPA or higher in their most recent regular semester and who wish to take more than 18 credits may submit an Excess Credit Request form. Excess credits are permitted by exception and only after all grades from a student's most recent semester are posted to their undergraduate transcripts.

Winter or May term Students: students seeking to enroll in more than four credits in either of these terms must meet the GPA criteria above. In addition to completing this form, students must email the instructors for both courses informing them of the request for excess credit. In the emails, students must share with both instructors the subject, course number and title of both courses the student intends to register in during the winter or summer term. You will need to upload a copy of the email with both instructors' permission to this application, at the bottom. No excess credit will be approved for these terms without this being completed.

Under no circumstances are students allowed to enroll in more than 22 credits in any one semester.

Submit the Excess Credit Request Form

Excess Credit Request Form

  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 250 MB.
      * If you are applying for excess credit during the intersession, please attach permission from both instructors of each course you are looking to take. This documentation can be should be in the form of an email that demonstrates that each instructor understands that you will be completing another course, in addition to their's. Multiple files can be uploaded.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

    Pass/Fail Grading

    Students who wish to place a class on pass/fail option during a regular semester (fall and spring) must do so by completing a Student Enrollment Request form, selecting the options for Pass/Fail grading, on the Registrar’s Office website by the eleventh week of classes. The specific deadline date can be found on the Academic Calendar.  These dates are different during summer/winter sessions. Please please check the Office of Summer and Winter Programs website for guidance.

    Courses placed on pass/fail option may not be used to meet major/related/minor or general education requirements (University level or CLAS). Students must get permission from their advisor to place a class on pass/fail. Students placing more than one course on pass/fail in a single term must also receive permission from a dean's designee in the CLAS Academic Services Center.

    There are no exceptions made to the pass/fail deadline. Please be aware of the academic calendar deadline dates.

    Permission to Repeat a Course for a Third Time

    Students who wish to repeat a course for a third time may do so with permission from the instructor and the student’s advising director, and by submitting a Student Enrollment Request form to the Registrar's Office. In CLAS, if a student's most recent attempt to take a course results in them successfully completing the course, and if that course is required as part of the student's curriculum, the student is not permitted to take the course a third time. Please note that if a student repeats and fails a course that they previously passed, it can result in loss of credit.

    Student Enrollment Request Form

    Students who wish to add a class between the 10th day and fourth week of the semester; or drop a class after the 10th day but before the 9th week of the semester must complete a Student Enrollment Request Form through the Registrar's Office.

    Students adding a class between the 10th day and 4th week of the term need the permission of their instructor, their advisor, and the head of the department in which the course is taught. To drop a class anytime between the 10th day and the 9th week of the semester, students need approval from their advisor. Students who wish to drop two courses or more must also get permission from a dean’s designee in the CLAS Academic Services Center.

    Substitution Request Form

    Students who wish to have an abroad course that appears on their UConn transcript as foreign study (signified by the number X993 on their transcript) reviewed for the possibility of meeting a CLAS General Education content area I class (CA1 A-E) may complete a Substitution Request Form. Please be prepared to provide a copy of the syllabus (in English) for review.

    Submit the Substitution Request Form

    Substitution Request Form